Detailing Services

Gloss Enhancement Detail
The perfect detail to regain gloss that has been lost due to road grime and oxidation from daily exposure to UV and acid rains. Compared to conventional low quality “petrol station or road side” polishes, we will follow a professionally recognized step to enhance or regain the lost gloss. The paint will receive a one-step-polish while rubber trims, rims and other panels of the car will receive detailed and a delicate cleaning procedure.
Damage: RM500-800 (price may vary on car size)
Time: 4-8hrs
How often should this detail be carried out? It solely depends on the owner, would you want to have a dull ride?

Premium Correction Detail

As your car is exposed to weather damages, most of the working force does not have the time to wash their cars. Resulting in a high usage of road side, petrol station or even “cyclone machine” washes. These lower quality washes causes most of the paint damages we see on the paint. Swirls, random isolated deep scratch, oxidation and clear coat failures are a result of using these low quality services. Most of these washes uses cheap shampoo, dish washing fluids and even laundry powder, which can result in heavy scratches on the paint surface. But not to worry as we provide a “roll back” to restore the paint to its optimum condition before all the low quality materials was hacked onto the paintwork. The car will receive a full scale cleaning and removal of road grime, bugs and tar. The paintwork will receive a full correction and carried on with a polish, wax and synthetic polymer sealant to regain the gloss and shine of the original paintwork. As this is a very delicate process we would need more than 1 day for each car.

Damages: RM800-1300 (price may vary on size and condition of paintwork)
Time: 2 days at minimum
How often should this detail be carried out? We recommend a yearly treatment for this detail to maintain the car at its best shape.

Show Car Detail

This is a dedicated detail to provide the best shine and best paintwork for the cars to be displayed to public for competition or car show purposes. In this detail we will use a delicate orange peel reduction process followed with further detailed correction and polishing to give the car a mirror finish. Please note that this is not recommended for daily used cars as after the orange peel reduction the clear coat would be very thin and might risk alot of unwanted damages on a daily used basis.

Damage: RM1800-2500 (price may vary on size)
Time: 3 days (1 week booking required)
How often should this detail be carried out? This detail is solely designed for show car purposes and should not be done for a daily used car. Risk are high for day used but it is fine for car show purposes.

Classic Car Detail

Have an old classic car which paint is rotting? Oxidized? No shine or Gloss whatsoever? This is the package you are looking for. I can give you a demo tryout to see if the paint condition can be restored to its former glory, no charges. If you are satisfied with the outcome then we may discuss from there. Single Stage paint? Not a problem! Detailing is always cheaper than repainting the whole car wink.gif choose wisely my friends.

Damages: RM1000 to RM1500
Time: 3 days (1 week booking required)
How often should this detail be carried out?  I would recommend a yearly treatment as Classic Cars have a more delicate paint condition that requires more attention to maintain its utmost beauty.

Interior Detail
Have an old stain that you tried everything to remove? In this detail we will take every stain, every mark, every tape/glue residue into attention to remove. The interior fabric or leather seats will be steamed washed to kill the germs and bacteria and carpets will be removed for washing. We will then carry on steam cleaning for the other panels of the interior and finally finish off with a coat of UV protectant for long lasting dashboard and healthy leather surface

Damages: RM400-600
Time: 6hours
How often should this detail be carried out? We recommend a annual treatment for the interior as the interior is one of the most unhygienic places we spend most time in.

De-Oxidation Headlight Detail

Yellowish headlight? Hazy Headlight? Unbalance light output from your halogen headlights? Cant see the roads!? Safety is the most important thing in driving no matter driving an old car or a new car, cheap car or an expencive car. Vision is the only thing preventing us from crashing into a wall! How can you drive without proper light to see the road at night! No fear! I am Here! Restoring your headlights to be able to see the road clearly! No more Yellowish,Blurry or Hazy Headlights!

Damages: RM350-500
Time: 6 hours ( hours spent may vary on condition of oxidation)
How often should this detail be carried out? We will apply a coating for the headlight detail to ensure no oxidation will recur.

Professional Coating

Optimum Auto Detailing presents to you, Optimum Opti-Coat Pro Plus and Optimum Lustre

The High End Coat is called Opti-Coat Pro with Pro+ add-on and the Mid Range Coat is called Optimum Lustré.

Opti-Coat Pro is a ceramic coating while Optimum Lustré is a glass coating. The major difference is the durability, Opti-Coat Pro will last way over 8 years while Optimum Lustré will last a maximum of 3 years (subjected to how the owner maintain) Opti-Coat Pro will give a stronger hardness at 9H, while Optimum Lustré is 6H. Regardless the hardness for both coats, 6H is actually sufficient for day to day usage.

Optimum Lustré has a very unique property that is slightly better than Opti-Coat Pro, which is the glossiness and reflectiveness of the coating. Opti-Coat Pro being a ceramic coating is well balanced, there is still gloss and shine and strong durability compared to Optimum Lustré that only last 3 years with very high reflectiveness and gloss. Opti-Coat Pro is made in the USA and fully imported by us directly while Optimum Lustré is our own development for a budget friendly coating that is lower in price, give good protection for the 3 years. Made in Japan.

*Please contact us for further details on the coating

Damage: RM2000-3500 (price may vary on car size)
Time: >6hours (time can be more and less depending on condition of paint)
How often should this detail be carried out? Professional coating is a one off detail. It does not require any touch up or to be redone only unless the car has been repainted


33 comments on “Detailing Services

    • Hi Nizer,
      The difference between the basic package and the premier package is actually the level of detailed put into the correction.
      a basic package does not guarentee removal of all swirla but does give a amazing glossy look

      Premier package on the other hand is the maximum ammount of detail placed into the correction to ensure every angle of the car is corrected to the max.
      for price. please call me to discuss…

    • yes you may purchase products but some are pre-ordered as all these products are fully imported from USA.

      Regarding premier and coating package could you leave your email address so that i can email you

      • Hi, Want to do the coating for my car. Location either ipoh or shah alam as I’m travelling in this two cities.

  1. Hi Josh,

    Read about your product. What do you recommend to me for my new Passat and what will be cost involved?


      • How much will it cost for my candy white VW Passat? What the package includes …. Eg maintenance and duration.

      • Hi there Mr. Lee
        The cost for Passat is RM2000 and for what does it include its been stated on the coating section. Maintenance is washing and occasional waxing. Duration really depends on the condition of the car at the initial point of starting the coating session. If you wish to know more, please do email us at

  2. Hi Joshlai, how much for prius 1.8 white. what does your package covers? do you have a shop to details the cars?

  3. Hi there… Can you recommend me the coating package for my new Mazda CX-5 and what will be cost involved?
    and does your package inclusive of interior?

  4. I will be getting a 1998 MB avantgarde some time next week. I hope to make the car look good for the road. My issues are with the lights – headlights and backlights – which need to be polished. I am based in Ipoh.

  5. Hi Josh,
    Just come across your website. I have Nissan Almera which less than one year saya since bought it. Want to know what is preffered package for long term protection. I am from Sungai Siput area. Hope to hear back from you bro.

  6. Hi,
    Can i know the best price for opti coat for mazda 3. New car. And i am in shah alam. Where is the nearest place to go?


  7. x70 have done a coating before. how much would it cost to strip the previous coating and add the opti coat pro +. Also do u sell the maintenance products?

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