Optimum Auto Detailing is a dedicated premium auto detailer that offer the top of the line service with very affordable price. We use a variety of products from all top brands in the world to provide the finishing that is as close to new. Our goal is to provide the best quality with the most budget friendly costing to our clients.

Our Chief Detailer, Josh Lai is a car fanatic and has a wild passion for cars and car detailing, it’s because he believes that all cars can be transformed from a beast to a beauty no matter how the condition is.

Our Chief Detailer is also the founder of Optimum Auto Detailing and is well recognized by many in the car loving community. His philosophy for detailing is unlike many as he has been in this industry for close to 10 years. Within this 10 years, He has only opt for 1 goal, which is to perfect his specific skill set to create and craft an even more perfect paint finishing. The even more crazy add-on to his skill set is does the entire process from A to Z all by himself.

Optimum Auto Detailing’s vision is to expand its business to provide a center a comfortable environment for clients to send their cars in, a safer environment for clients to place their car’s at and also to further refine the skill to pursue the ultimate finishing on cars. Like most Japanese F&B, Josh Lai has dedicated most of his life to perfect that specific skill set.


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  1. Hi,

    I’m interested to sign up for a paint coating service for the new hatch I’m expected to receive in April 2014. However, I live in a condo (KL) which doesn’t have proper (covered) car wash or detailing area and I understand that you only operate as ‘mobile detailer’. So I’ve got a few questions for you to help address my concern before engaging your service:
    1) Do you have a proper place where I could send my car to do this professional coating service?
    2) To me the car may look most shiny or protected in the world right after you apply the coating, but it defeats the purpose and will immediately become anti climax once I send my car to those untrained foreign workers car wash centres which use the same wash mitt or cloth from bottom up leaving behind the unbearable wash marks.
    3) any PROPER or trained car wash place that you could recommend for regular or weekly car wash maintenance AFTER I’ve applied your coating?

    IMHO it’s the proper regular weekly maintenance that counts …to maintain the shine and wash marks free.
    What’s your suggestion or solution for my concerns above?


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